Achievements’ and Activities Report – 2019-20



Academics and the co- curricular activities are the two sides of the same coin. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live. The part of education which teaches us how to live is co-curricular activity. Raipur Montfort School is par excellent and the scholastic year 2019-20 was no different. The map of co-curricular activities is dotted with the achievements of our school. In order to instil social and moral values in students each month they were given a specific theme. Throughout the year they were privileged to present speeches, skits and other variety items based on these themes. Students get abundant opportunities to develop their instinctive talents as they participate in different club activities. Following are the clubs in which they took part during the year. Eco Club, Dance Club, Music club, Art club, literary club, Science Club, Social club, Sports & Wellness club, Maths Club.

Eco club

In the month of October, children performed their Eco Club activity by making paper bags. They wrote one quote on each bag, which says “No” to plastic bags. On 16/11/2019, the students enacted a skit based on “Save our earth”. They started the New Year with a resolution ‘we will make our near area and its surroundings neat, clean and plastic free zone’. Thus we can make our country “Clean India, Green India”.

Dance Club

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. Children from classes KG-I to VII showcased their “classical dance activity” during school assembly. They learned various ‘mudras’of Bharatnatyam. Students are exceptionally good in learning dances in any forms at any time. It is inborn in them. Their performances are becoming better and better as days go. They performed remarkably outstanding in various Festivals like Navratri, Dussehra, Eid, Diwali, Christmas, Founder’s Day, National Festivals and Annual day.

Music Club

Music is the universal language that everyone understands and can relate to. It brings everything together and binds everyone together with a cord. The month of July, class VII had their music assembly activity. They sang a Hindi and English song. All other classes also performed songs in their turn. There is a lot of growth and confidence in all the students as they perform the music in different occasions and the competitions too. The grand Finale was the pinnacle of their achievements of the year.

Art club

“Art challenges Technology and Technology inspires Art.” – John Lasseter. Students were very much fascinated to learn art & craft. Students learned and made wall hangings, greeting cards, lamp with spoon, different paper flowers, fish out of paper etc. They learned also to draw creatively the scenery of nature, waterfalls, dancing peacock, fish in a bulb, imaginary pictures of different seasons, postures of classical dance, portraying a mother’s love etc.

The Literary Club

The Literary Club is fashioned to promote languages and literature. Speaking a language makes it much more interesting. In the month of November, the literary Club members presented their first activity of the session. The children performed “Hindi News Reading” which made them confident and to express themselves. The members of the literary club wrote a short biography on some of the eminent English authors to display on the bulletin board.

Science Club

Every simple thing related to our lives point towards the world of science. Science club helps the students to develop their general interest in science and to enhance the scientific interest among students. This club also build-up the qualities of experimentation, critical thinking and problem solving attitude. The students of science club presented a short life history of eminent scientists and their contribution in the field of Science.

Social Club

Social club help the students to develop inter personal skills that foster mutual co- operation, respect for authority, loyalty towards family, friends and the fellow citizens. They performed a skit based on “Our National Pledge” on 10th January 2020. The skit communicated that the pledge we take every day should implant in us a thirst to live a dignified life and to consider that the need of my neighbor is my need too.

Sports and Wellness Club

Sports play a vital role in modern contemporary society. Montfort Raipur lunched sports club this year to make the learners life more active and enjoyable. Annual sports week was held from 16th December -21st December 2019 within the premises of the school. Students participated with great enthusiasm in different events throughout the sports week including football, badminton, kabaddi, kho-kho, table tennis, musical chair race, ball relay as well as indoor games. All events were organized by physical education department. During the sports week students also displayed drills. The various games that they played enabled them to develop their physical and mental activity and amplify physical capacity. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, children had a special prayer service and a week program based on different themes. They engaged themselves in the most significant cleanliness campaign. They conveyed the message of how to keep themselves and their surroundings clean and neat by singing a song followed by a skit.

Mathematics Club

The goal of this club is to develop and explore critical and logical thinking of students. The specific objective is to cultivate creative learning among students. On the inauguration day of the club, the club members presented the importance of the club and its specific objectives. There were different activities in each month by them like puzzle solving, Mathematics in daily life, contribution of mathematicians and Math club presentation. The club members energetically displayed the magic behind the ‘Mathematics’. Students conducted ‘Math Magic’ show and creatively performed a skit on the invention of money on club presentation day. They also conducted quiz based on different classes and the winners were given prizes.





At Montfort School all examinations are conducted in the CBSE board format where the question papers are designed by teachers so that every time a child writes the exam, he/she is facing a new challenge. Every time they appear the examinations they perform better than the previous time.

Digital Visual Rooms

We have incorporated digital visual rooms for demonstration of the smart classes. The smart class provides great support and opportunities both for the teachers and students through audio visual approach in addition to the normal chalk and talk method. Students enjoy being in the smart class and gain long term memory through visuals.


A number of projects have been implemented during the year based on their lessons to emphasize on the concept of learning through doing for better concept penetration. Students did projects such as rain water harvesting, water cycle, types of nests, wind mill, anemometer, biosphere, solar system, journey of chandrayan, types of forests etc.

Art and Science Exhibition

The Art and Science exhibition was held in the month of February 22nd 2020. The students came forward with creative ideas and models on topics given separately for every class. Parents viewed them during the PTM and appreciated the students and teachers for their joint and great effort.

Medical Checkup

School has conducted a medical check up for classes 1 and 2 to assess normal development and to keep track of immunization schedule on 28th September, 2019 by a team of experienced Government Doctors.

Infrastructure and Safety

School continues to develop its infra-structure by adding many more new computers in the computer lab, more books and periodicals in the library and the science and Maths Lab with many apparatus. To ensure the complete safety of the students school provides transport facility to the students. Helpers are always available, especially during the break time to avoid any kind of mishap.   Teachers and helpers are with the children during the lunch break without fail.

Competitions and Rewards

To impart different life skills the school conducted various competitions like solo and group singing, patriotic group dance, Art and craft, drawing, Rangoli, English and Hindi recitation and Handwriting. The winners were given prizes. To ensure the physical and mental health of the students the school provides music, dance P.T/Yoga, art and Games. Students participate in different activities of the school such as English & Hindi skit, classical dance, singing, drawing and painting. To widen the world of imagination teachers encouraged students to write poems and articles. This helped them to make use of their creativity and imagination. In order to develop within them harmony of body mind and soul and grow with responsibility and commitment, they are taught moral values in all the classes. On February 29th when the school annual day was on display it communicated the achievements and learning’s of the students and the efficiency of our teachers.

All the good work of the school has been possible with the cooperation of our highly qualified and dedicated faculty. Our PTA & School Management Committee support us in many ways especially in fixing the fee structure.