The rules and regulations of our school are not chains or bondage or slavery; they are guidelines and indicators showing you the direction in which to move so as to help you reach your goal. It is not easy to abide by rules and regulations always, and can be very painful at times. But all growth entails growing-pains. A sports star has to submit himself to strenuous and rigorous practice and self discipline to achieve the gold medal; a musician has to practise  several hours for months and years and even a life time to achieve mastery or perfection. You also must go through the pain of growing up, and discipline yourself to be an excellent person, like gold that is purified at high temperatures.

The rules and regulations given in this Handbook are the minimum requirements for the good running of the school. You are expected to go far beyond the minimum: achieve excellence in everything you do – in good behaviour, in your studies, in your personal development  and growth and in your relationship with all. There is no limit to what you can achieve as a person. Look for the company of good friends and good people who can help you reach where you want to be.

Each one of us is meant to grow and blossom
A little more each day.
So, stop looking at where you have been
And start looking at where you want to be.
Want to be at the top? Start looking up.
If you keep looking back,
You will never reach where you want to be.


  • Montfort school is a private, unaided, convent school (co-ed) run by the Christians( Catholics) which is a minority community as envisaged by the Constitution of India.
  • The rules and regulations of the school are the minimum requirements for the good running of the school. Students are expected to go far beyond the minimum: achieve excellence in everything they do, excel in good behaviour, in studies, in their personal development and growth and in their relationship with all. There is no limit to what the students can achieve as a person if they cooperate and follow these rules and regulations. Students should look for the company of good friends and good people who can help them to reach where they want to be.
  • Total school fees  for one academic year is Rs. 28,960/= for classes PP – 1 to V & Rs. 30,400/=  for classes VI to VII to be deposited in four equal installments before  June 30, August 31, Nov 30, Feb 29 respectively. New admissions will pay an additional amount of Rs. 1000/ as admission fees along with the first installment at the time of admission. For break up of fees, please see the school notice board.
  • Bus fee is Rs. 12000/= for one academic year for students coming with in a radius of 6 Km. of the school, and Rs. 15,300/ for students beyond a radius of 6 Km., to be deposited in four installments along with the school fees. Bus facility is optional.
  • The fee details are given in the fee-deposit-slip, in the Students’ Handbook and also displayed on the school notice board. There are no hidden charges. The fees is to be deposited in the school account at the Corporation Bank, Abhanpur branch
  • The fees should be deposited before the last date mentioned above failing which a late fee of Rs. 25/= per month or part thereof will be charged. The student may not be allowed to attend class if the fees are not deposited for more than two months from the due date. Parents are to retain with them the counterfoils of the paying-in-slip for two years at least and produce them for verification if required by the school.
  • Parents should expect an annual increase of school fees ands bus fees by about 5% to 10% to cover escalation costs on maintenance and materials, and a little more if there is a considerable revision of pay scales.
  • The School Uniform for classes PP – I to V:
    • Summer: Boys & Girls: White short pants, yellow T-shirt (round neck) with school logo, black shoes, white socks with yellow border, school belt. Girls will have sky- blue ribbons/ hair bands/ clips. See school notice board for the exact colour and shade.
    • Winter:  The same as summer uniform except dark Grey pants instead of white short pants, and Navy Blue Blazer. (shirt with school logo and school tie from class VI & above).
    • Note: Girls have the option to wear white divided skirts with pleats instead of white short pants in summer. In winter, they have the option to wear dark grey pants or dark grey divided skirts with pleats and Navy Blue Blazer (shirt with school logo and school tie from class VI & above).
  • The school Bag: The size of the school bag should not be more than  12” x 10” x 6” for primary classes. Pre- Primary and nursery children have no books to carry to school. They only need to bring pencils, erasers, colours, scale, their Tiffin and their file  supplied by the school. Clean, purified and refrigerated water is provided in the school. So, the students need not carry water bottle to school. However, if parents feel that they need to provide drinking water from home, they may also include light-weight water bottles that can fit into the bag of the size mentioned above. If over-sized or heavy bags are sent with the child (class Nursery to V), it will be kept back in the school and returned only to the parents with a warning. Children in other classes should bring books according to the time table only. Parents should ensure that the bag is not too heavy for the child to carry.
  • School Timings (For K.G & Primary): In Summer:  9.30 a.m to 2.30 p.m .This may be advanced by 30 minutes in April depending on the temperature.
  • Children should be sent to school everyday in neat, clean & complete uniform. The school uniform is more than just an identity tag; it prepares the student for a new day of learning every day. It also builds a sense of belonging. A well-dressed and neat/ clean student creates a positive opinion about himself/ herself and  his/ her  parents and family at the very first sight and builds up his self -confidence which is a very good way to start the day; otherwise he/she will develop inferiority complex. Well begun is half done!. Don’t deny your child this privilege.
  • Children should reach the school before time so that he has time to settle down physically and emotionally.  Students arriving at school early get the time to relax and socialize with friends and enjoy themselves before they begin their studies. They get the benefit of a good start in comparison to the student who arrives just on time or late, running and rushing to the classroom, often sweating, and with the disapproving glance of school authorities and teachers, feeling guilty and ashamed.  This is a poor start. For us at Montfort, punctuality is our way of life, and a quality which we hold as most sacred. We wish to instill this quality in our students.
  • It will be the responsibility of the parents to reach the student safely to the school/ school bus and take him/ her back from school/ school bus. While the school will make every effort in our control for the safety of the children, the school will not be responsible for any mishaps outside the control of the school.
  • Children should be encouraged to attend school on every working day. Allowing the student to skip school on flimsy grounds will not do any good to him/ her. It will only diminish his interest and commitment to studies, and it will be seen when he/ she  grows up.
  • A minimum of 80% attendance is necessary to consider that a student has successfully completed an academic session.
  • Admission is valid only when original Date of Birth Certificate issued by the Corporation /  original T.C. are verified by the school authorities. Until then, if fees are allowed to be deposited, the admission will be considered as provisional only. The date of birth will not be changed once it is entered in the admission register. Hence, make sure that the correct date of birth is entered in this document.
  • The registration form is not transferable, and the registration fee is not refundable under any circumstance, or adjustable with other fees.
  • Regular Parent-Teacher meetings will take place on every 2nd Saturday of the month, unless it happens to be a gazetted holiday. In case of urgent need, parents can meet teachers after school also with prior appointment.
  • Documents required to be submitted with the Registration Form:
    • Birth certificate issued by Corporation for admission to PP-1, PP-2 & class I.
    • Copy of the Report Card from the previous school for classes II and above.
    • Two recent passport-size photograph.
    • Copy of Aadhaar Card.