–   Efficient, effective, transparent and experienced management.

We are running some of the finest schools in India since 1903 (114 years of accumulated experience in running schools) and over 150 schools in India.

  • Good teachers. All our teachers are well educated and trained. We further train them in our own well-established traditions and methods of teaching which are constantly updated. Innovation and search for excellence in teaching techniques make our schools progressive and up-to-date. Above all, we look for teachers who are good human beings with a heart for the children, and understand them and their difficulties so that children will experience care and love from the staff & management – truly a home away from home.
  • A healthy school climate. We try to help our children grow up to be ‘Good Human Beings’. We provide them with everything that is needed for the harmonious development of the soul, heart and the mind. We love our students and provide an environment of love so that he/ she will learn to love and accept being loved; we care for them so much that they too learn to care for others (their own family, relations, friends, peers and their country); we shower unconditional acceptance on them so that they in turn develop a sense of belonging to their family, to their school and to the nation. We know that ‘values are caught and not taught’, and so we teach these values by living out these values ourselves.
  • Good academic results. Few schools can beat us as almost all our schools have the best results in their respective board exams. The All India national topper of CBSE class XII exam in 2016 was a Montfortian – Sukriti Gupta from our own Montfort School in Delhi with 497/500 marks.
  • All-round development of the child. We help our children to develop their personality by building up their self confidence, self esteem, communication skills, good interpersonal relationships, life-skills, emotional intelligence, training & Formation for good character, responsibility & sense of belonging (to the family, to the school, to the country, to other human beings, to nature & environment), and to appreciate the culture and diversity of our country.
  • Safe and secure school campus. We have a safe & secure 10 acre-school campus with high compound wall all, security guards and CCTV camera surveillance, and teachers (specially class teachers) taking ownership of their students. Special attention is given to the safety of the girl-child by the Sisters (nuns). Safe, clean, cool and purified drinking water is provided.
  • Stress-free learning. We ensure children enjoy their childhood. Hence no books, no heavy school bags, no exams and no home works for Pre-Primary classes.; for other classes have minimum books and minimum assessments as required by the department of education only. It doesn’t mean they learn less; we provide them our own learning materials – the best available in the field according to their age. Also, they will have no tension of getting up too early in the morning to go to school as we have a very convenient school timing for them: 9.30 am to 2.30 pm. (We believe that small children should sleep well and leisurely get ready for the school in the morning). In extreme summer, the timing may be advanced by an hour, or follow govt. orders. Besides every child will have time for games and fun-activities everyday to release tension and stress and develop a healthy body.
  • Preparing children for an increasingly competitive world.
  • Special emphasis on spoken English from nursery classes onwards.
  • Large, spacious and attractive class rooms with ideal teacher-student ratio.
  • Attractive children’s park, toy & activity rooms for small kids.
  • Sports and fitness education: Compulsory games everyday for every student for physical fitness and good health, (imparting education which looks beyond the frontiers of formal education.)
  • Large campus – 10 acres – with facility for full size grounds for football,  hockey, cricket, Basket ball, Volley ball, badminton, kho-kho, khabadi, athletics to be developed gradually as the number of children increases.
  • Age appropriate hobbies: music, dance, aerobics, drama, yoga, art, elocution, debate, Karate, chess to be introduced gradually.
  • Periodic counseling & training program for students, teachers and parents.
  • Bus facility available on selected routes.
  • Plans are for CBSE affiliation.
  • Permission from the Department Of Education; UDISE CODE: 22110609903