My dear young friend,
You are welcome to our school. You have a great role to play in the building up of this new school. You along with your colleagues in school will be laying the foundations of this new school. Whatever this school becomes in the future will depend a great deal on the school culture you help to create in this school: good traditions, good practices, good relationships,  care and concern for one another, a sense of belonging, courtesy, dignity and respect for all, good habits…. Whatever you do today has a lasting impact on the future generations of students who will pass through the portals of this school. If you help to establish good traditions and practices, the younger ones who come after you will walk on the footprints left by you and deepen those footprints and they will become indelible. It will help in the building up of a ‘dream school’. On the other hand, if undesirable and unhealthy traditions and practices are your contributions to this school, the school will have no future. The future of this school is now in your hands.

At Montfort, we aim at creating a climate of love, respect, belongingness, loyalty and trust, and pursue a shared vision of creating a family spirit –  a home away from home. The school management and staff will leave no stone unturned to make this school one among the best in the country and make it a ‘dream school’. In later life you can feel proud of your school if you help to build a healthy school-climate where your dreams will come true.

You can make us feel proud of you by being a respectful and obedient child of your parents and community, by being a well behaved student of this school,  by doing excellently well in your studies and all other school activities, by developing all your potentialities and thus becoming the human being that God has created you to be, of whom our country and our people can be proud. You are the hope of your parents, of your family and of your country. Live up to it.

Wherever you may be and whatever you may do, hold high the ideals and ethos that this school is trying to place before you and live by them. Do not do anything that may tarnish the good name of your family and of your school. Be proud of your school, its rules and regulations, its uniform and the people who work for you. Above all remain grateful to your parents, to your country, and to this temple of learning.